Personal Best Pilates Studio

Jessica Langdon,
Certified Juvo Board Teacher

Amanda JesseeJessica spent 15 years as a reporter telling people's stories, and was surprised to discover the life-changing effects fitness--especially Pilates--had on her own story. 

Late to embrace anything related to fitness, Jessica took a friend's recommendation to try Pilates, and soon couldn't get enough. Her flexibility improved (she could touch her toes again), she felt healthier overall, her core got stronger, her balance was better, and Pilates helped build confidence that translated into more confidence in other areas of life. It's something she discovered is a perfect workout when you feel fantastic--as well as exercise that can be modified to work with injuries.

Wanting to share the benefits of Pilates, she decided becoming an instructor would be a natural next step--and loved the thorough program offered at Personal Best Pilates Studio. Jessica completed mat training in 2015, and is working toward her comprehensive equipment certification.  




Personal Best Pilates Studio is the ONLY Pilates Studio in the Kansas City area that requires PMA Certification for all our Pilates Teachers.
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