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Jacque Maher – PMA-CPT

Jacque MaherJacque graduated from the University of Kansas in 2001, earning her BA in Communications. After college she moved to Los Angeles in 2003, where she was introduced to Pilates. In 2005, Jacque moved to Denver and continued to develop a passion for Pilates, as well as a true appreciation for the body awareness that this low impact exercise brought into her life. Moving home to Kansas City in 2007, Jacque decided to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor and began her comprehensive equipment training with Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy.

Jacque graduated from the 500-hour Comprehensive Equipment Training Program from Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy in 2008. Jacque went on to become internationally certified with Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) in 2010.

Why she loves her job (in her own words)

Pilates gave me an appreciation for health and fitness. Immediately, I noticed a difference in my posture and the connection of the mind to the body. I truly enjoy working with people and passing on this knowledge of Pilates and its form. Every workout is tailored to the specific needs of each individual client, enabling them to reach their greatest potential. Watching a client do a "rollup" for the first time, helping to relieve a client from back pain, and motivating them to live a healthy lifestyle are all very rewarding aspects of my job.


Personal Best Pilates Studio is the ONLY Pilates Studio in the Kansas City area that requires PMA Certification for all our Pilates Teachers.
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