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We’re Kansas City’s first fitness studio devoted exclusively to Pilates. We offer personal and group training on Pilates equipment (Reformer/Cadillac/Wunda Chair). Personal Best offers the most Pilates mat classes in Kansas City and is one of the exclusive providers of Barre Intensity classes.

At Personal Best Pilates studio you will receive core training in order to increase your muscular strength, achieve uniform movement and improve your posture. All of our instructors have gone through extensive training; and were supervised by PMA certified instructors (Pilates Method Alliance) during their apprenticeships.

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Hours by Appointment

We work hard to maintain strong long-term relationships with our clients. We understand the importance of good communication, so we make an effort to be available as often as we can for appointments and phone calls. Make the change you deserve and reserve your spot today.

“Elise, most of all, thank you for the wonderful work out last Friday. When I left the studio, I discovered that I was very light on my feet, had a feeling of well-being and could practically keep my shoulders rolled back and down without effort. Keep doing your magic.”

– Dan


“I moved to Arizona 2 years ago and still can not find a Pilates studio that even comes close to this studio! I took classes here for over 8 years. The level of excellence in instruction is evident. I had the privilege of taking mat Pilates instructor training classes here, so I know how well the instructors are trained. I teach water aerobics now and the Pilates principles I learned are incorporated into every class.”

– Shell S.

About Us

Here at Personal Best Pilates Studio, we help you achieve your personal best through Pilates and Barre. Whether you’ve had a lot of practice in these areas or you’re just a beginner, we are thrilled to show you how to increase your core strength and help you meet your goals. Contact us today to get started.

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